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Music on hold

Keep your callers informed and engaged with on-hold music and messages.

Did you know that callers who hear music and messages while they’re waiting on hold are less likely to hang up? Customers who hear silence-no audible cues to signify their calls are still connected, such as music or messages-will typically hang up within 60 seconds. With on-hold music and messages, you’re able to retain more customers, which increases opportunities for sales and service.

"According to a recent survey, 73% of UK callers prefer to hear audio other than beeps or silence."

Callers perceive shorter wait times when soothing or upbeat music is played while they wait. Plus, music serves as a subtle but important reminder that they are still in the queue—and not stuck in an abyss of lost calls. By adding messages that play at timed intervals, you can capitalise on your captive audience. Engage your customers with special announcements, or entertain them with interesting facts about your company.

Benefits of hold music and messages

Retain more callers with messages and music.
  • Quickly implement on-hold music and messages for your callers. Your cloud phone system includes a selection of default voice messages and more than 500 music tracks-so you can start communicating with customers while they’re on hold straight away.
  • Configure the system to pause the music at specified intervals and play voice updates that reassure clients their calls are still connected and in the queue.
  • You can also record custom messages that encourage callers to stay on the line and make their wait times seem much shorter.
Powerful controls deliver targeted information.
  • Target recorded messages and accompanying music tracks for specific customers to hear.
  • Select types of music and special messages to play based on criteria such as the time, day of the week, the number dialled by the caller, or the incoming caller ID data.
  • Each user can select music tracks and messages to play during calls to their extensions—useful for communicating holiday hours or information about specific departments or teams.
Deliver useful information using on-hold messages.
  • Save valuable time with messages that address frequently asked questions—such as enquiries about business hours, locations, and directions.
  • Boost sales and generate excitement by informing your callers about new products, services, or special events while they wait.
  • Project a polished, professional image with messages designed to enhance your reputation and overall brand.
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