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Call Recording

Easily record inbound and outbound calls with automatic or on-demand call recording.

Call recording is a useful feature that helps preserve call data and is instrumental in employee training and development within various work environments-including call centers and inbound sales departments. With TalkSolution, you’re able to record incoming and outgoing calls for one or multiple users. You can enable automatic recording to capture all calls or activate on-demand recording so users can choose to record individual calls as needed. Each account can store up to 1,00,000 voice recordings online, and the files are available for playback or download.

Benefits of call recording

Call recording is easy to set up.
  • Quickly and easily show your users how to record telephone calls using their desk phones, softphones, or smartphones.
  • Enable or disable the call recording option as needed-for one or multiple users-with a few simple clicks.
  • Advanced settings allow you to record individual calls made to or from any user’s desk phone, softphone, or smartphone.
  • Adjust call recording options per user or groups of users-for inbound as well as outbound calls.
  • Choose a default announcement to notify inbound callers that their calls are being recorded-or project a professional image with customised greetings that include important company or departmental information.
Configure automatic call recording options.
  • Set all inbound calls or just calls to specific departments or users to be recorded automatically.
  • Opt to play a short tone during all outbound calls to remind the parties that their calls are being automatically recorded.
  • Users who have Automatic Call Recording enabled are informed via email that their calls are being automatically recorded and are instructed how to access the recordings in their call logs.
Play back or download recordings anytime.
  • Up to 1,00,000 recordings are stored in each account, and recordings are saved online for 90 days.
  • Download individual or multiple recordings for review and playback.

Call recording FAQ's

How does on-demand call recording work?
  • On-demand call recording needs to be enabled by an administrator for all users on the account.
  • To record any call, simply type *9 (on a desk phone) or click Record (in the mobile or desktop app) after the call has connected. Dial *9 or click Stop to stop recording.
How does automatic call recording work?
  • Once activated for an extension, automatic call recording will capture all of that extension's incoming and outgoing calls.
  • The feature can also be enabled to automatically record all inbound calls made to specific departments.
  • Automatic recordings can be set for individual or multiple users, and the recordings are available for playback and download for 90 days.
How many recordings are stored, and how long are they saved?
  • A maximum of 1,00,000 recordings per account are saved in the account’s call logs.
  • Recordings are retained in the call logs and are available for playback or download.
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