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It is highly likely that you have used one of these in the past. You know how they go... "Welcome to (COMPANY NAME) - Please press 1 for sales, 2 for accounts, 3 for support or hold for the reception."
Well these are called IVR services or Auto Attendant services (both the same just called differently by people). IVR stands for Interactive Voice Response and uses the keyboard on your phone to direct calls to specific departments of your business. We can even set the service in different languages.

Why do companies use an IVR service?

Some companies use an IVR system to disguise the size of the business. There may only be 1 person at the company and all 4 options get routed to them. This can make the company look bigger that it really is.
Our IVR service is limited to 10 options (zero to 9 on the keypad) but we can create multiple levels of IVR. This means you can have 3 options "press 2 for sales etc" and one you have pressed your option you can have a 2nd selection to make. These are called complex IVR's and if you need one of these please contact us regarding the build.
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